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" Prior to this experience with Nicole, I have never heard of, researched or quite honestly, even believed in the idea of Spiritual Cleansing.  After this powerful emotional experience I am a BELIEVER. I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders, I felt lighter and free."  



"The clearing that Nicole gave me gave me immediate and powerful results. Not only did I feel brighter, and more in tune with my true heart center, I feel deeply connected to my angels and spirit guides.  The same day that Nicole cleared me I had a powerful message sent to me by a deceased family member. It was truly incredible.  I am so grateful for the clearing because it has taken me so much further than I had been on my spiritual journey."


The clearing Nicole performed was very powerful for me. I have seen an incredible improvement not only in the way I feel, but in my general peace of mind too. Nicole also provided me with the tools necessary to maintain this positive energy flow. Thank you!



After my clearing with Nicole, I felt a renewed vigor for life. I’m a short time after I quit smoking after 10 years and many failed attempts and also founded two businesses and am no longer stuck in the 9-5 rat race and working for myself and my own passions.



The clearing that Nicole preformed has not only had a impact on me but my entire life. I never knew that I needed a spiritual cleanse or even knew it existed until I met Nicole. She did an excellent job of explaining everything, from beginning to end I knew exactly what to expect. I experienced immediate results, I now feel more in touch with my spiritual self and my surroundings and I almost feel it has given me a fresh start. It has significantly helped me sleep through the night and feel more energized throughout the day. 

Fast forward a month and I have adopted one of her suggestions for best practices. I now take a few minutes to reflex and meditate at nighttime. This has been a such an great eye opening experience that I never knew existed. Nicole truly has a special gift and I believe everyone should experience her talents.

"My clearing with Nicole was everything I needed...and MORE!  Nicole was very attentive and supportive during and after my clearing, offering suggestions when I had questions and checking in with me.  Since my clearing, I have experienced a newness and lightness as I've watched situations, perceptions, and --- yes!--- relationships that no longer serve my highest good dissolve from my life.  Obstacles and limitations that I had self-created are disappearing.  I've even come into some unexpected money!  I was feeling heavy and stuck and unsure of my next steps before my clearing.  My clearing has given me what feels like a fresh start.  A chance to open again to accepting positive change, reawaken to awareness of little miracles and synchronicities in my day to day, and give myself permission to Love myself fully and be Me!  Nicole is a gift - her talents come highly recommended!!!"


My mother was in the hospital and it was her final days.  My family and I were sad to see she seemed uneasy and kept gesturing and speaking about a baby who was not there.  She was so concerned about this baby and it broke our hearts to see her so nervous during this difficult time.  We reached out to Nicole to see if anything could be done.  She gave us immediate tangible advice such as which crystals would help clear the energy, and which angels to call upon.  She then performed a clearing on my mother that evening.  She was able to clear her chakras and perform energy work that would help her feel more peaceful, and hopefully help her to get to the other side swiftly.  The next day my mother never mentioned the baby and was visibly at ease.  She passed on a couple of days later as gently as we could have ever wanted for her.  Nicole not only helped my mother, she helped our entire family but giving us peace in such a sad time.


I've been blessed to have had ceremony with Shamans and have experienced powerful Reiki and Theta healings. Nicole's gift is just as potent. My father suffered for the past few years with cancer and just recently passed and after Nicole's clearing it was the first time in over a year that I felt Light again. Joy was easily present. I am so grateful for meeting Nicole and will continue to hire her. She is a powerful force of Light & Love.


"I have had the pleasure to work with Nicole over the past few months. I came to seek Nicole's help for many personal reasons. I was going through a terrible break up. I was dealing with health issues and overall, I felt lost. Nicole first performed a cleansing. It was to aid in removing negative energy,  which I had lots of. I know this may sound strange or even unbelievable. Being  bit of a skeptic myself, I learned you need to believe and trust in this process. Nicole made that easy for me.

Once I had the negativity removed, I felt lighter and was able to see things clearly. However, this is not a magical process, you must put in work and energy to see the positive outcome.

Nicole's in-person healing has changed my life! I would never have thought I would be meditating or that I can see the signs of opportunity around me.

Working with Nicole is such a wonderful experience,  she is very caring and helps you along the way. I look forward to continuing my journey with Nicole. I would recommend Nicole to anyone, she can help change your perspective on life. As someone who's been in therapy for over two years, Nicole has made an impact in such a short amount of time compared to the years of counseling." 


I came to Nicole for a house clearing. I've had these done before, but none were like Nicole's. With all of the people in and out of my house, it just felt heavy. Nicole came over to feel the energy and then performed the clearing. That night, our youngest slept through the for the first time in over a year! Nicole is a breath of fresh air and I am so thankful she came into our lives. She is truly gifted. 


After a lot of soul searching I decided to ask Nicole to clear my two year old. Although he is a happy little boy, he had challenges with sleeping since he was a baby. My heart knew I needed to seek out something different to help him. He just seemed so unsettled over night and his cries broke my heart. I trust Nicole implicitly, both in her gifts and her good intentions, so I had her clear my son and waited to see if there would be any improvements. After a few days, almost everything changed for him. No more helpless cries over night! He slept peacefully through almost each night- and even on the nights he did wake up, he was so easily soothed and would immediately fall asleep peacefully. All of the sudden he seemed to love his little bed. I never thought I would see that! I truly believe it was Nicole’s clearing. Soul work isn’t an immediate go-to for sleep issues but maybe it should be. The proof is right there for me every night. I’m so grateful to her for giving my child peace.