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Pricing + Services

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Clearing services include a complimentary client session to gain an understanding of client's needs, both personally and energetically. Client readiness is evaluated and expectations of the chosen service will be discussed. 


$75/ 30 minutes —  Client session via Skype used to read client's energetic body, discuss personal needs and assess best steps towards integrating spiritual wholeness. 

Personal Clearing

$175 / remote session — Energetically cleanse to remove accumulated negative energies; allow a release of energetic blockages and create a more harmonious lifestyle. 

animal clearing

 $125/ remote session — Clear any negative emotional, mental and spiritual energies accumulated from the environment and surroundings. 

post trauma clearing

$175 / remote session — Energetically cleanse all disharmonious energies brought to an individual through the experience of a traumatic event. 


Children's Yoga

Private Children's Yoga Classes. — group or one on one classes available. Please inquire for rates and session availability. 

birth clearing

$250/ remote session — Energetic cleanse of Mother and Baby to ridding energy fields of negative energies accumulated during the birthing process. 

residential clearing

$125/remote session — Cleanse and release your home, property and belongings of accumulated negative energies.

real estate clearing

$375/ session —  A walk-through of the property to determine what needs to be cleared. Cleanse and release a property’s existing discordant energies to allow the home to be sold.

business clearing

Business: $250/ remote session — Clear and release a business of all discordant energies; open cash flow blockages found within a business and/or building.