Consciousness. Energy. Yoga.

“If you are clear enough you can feel and LOVE your light — that is when you truly LIVE”
— Nicole A Linn


Book a Consultation with Nicole. A thirty minute virtual meeting, this time is utilized to read the client’s energy.  An assessment can then be made regarding which steps are best toward integrating spiritual wholeness. 

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About Nicole

As life dictates, we are brought to many bumps on the path, forks in the road, tipping points, you get the idea.  The reality is our life’s journey always leads us to moments of transition; we have a choice to make and these choices set up our individual experiences. 

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Nicole's Practice

Nicole is available to meet with clients in order to assess needs and readiness with hopes of choosing an appropriate path to reach spiritual wholeness. 



“I felt a weight being lifted off my shoulders, I felt lighter and free.”
— Ryan

What They're Saying

"After Nicole’s clearing it was the first time in over a year that I felt Light again. Joy was easily present."