Make Your Space Sacred

The way our space feels is pivotal in our well being. When I say space I am referring to any area that is yours. So obviously yea, your home is the first and foremost area that needs constant cleansing. Basically any area that you spend a significant amount of time needs to be periodically cleansed.  Now, would it be great if you were calling me every week to hire me for a Residential Clearing? Abso-f*n-lutely! Call me! If that isn't realistic for your lifestyle, I understand.  So the next best thing is tweaking the ancient ritual yourself and getting those stagnant energies up and moving out of your precious space.

On a weekly basis I like to take out the big guns and use white sage. This plant's smoke is said to cleanse out harmful energies.  As a balance to the sage, I like to use sweet grass afterwards. A sweet grass braid's smoke is known to attract loving and blessed energies. What could be a better energetic intention to set for our sacred spaces?!?


Supplies needed: 

white pillar candle

white sage bundle

abalone shell

sweet grass braid




1. Light candle. Be with yourself and set your intention for cleansing your space. Sit comfortably, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. If any thoughts come into your mind, acknowledge them and release them. Once you feel peaceful, light your sage bundle.

2. Move the lit sage around your body in order to clear your own energy field.

3. Walk through each room of your home holding the burning sage. As you go to each corner of the room, ask for all negative energies to be rid from the space. Be sure not to forget closets and small spaces. As you finish each room, open the window to allow the unwanted energy to leave with the smoke. You  may visualize the energy as a part of the smoke leaving the space.

4. Continue this process throughout your home. 

5. Once each room is completed, go back to where you started. Snuff out the sage in the abalone shell.

6. Light the sweet grass braid.

7. Walk through your home along the same route while the burning sweet grass in gratitude. Visualize beautiful white diamond light flooding your space. Close your windows as you do this. 

 8.  Return to your starting space and say aloud, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”.

Supplies for cleansing your space

Supplies for cleansing your space

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