Love Your Light

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Personal Clearing + InTUITIVE HEALING

Energetically cleanse to remove accumulated negative energies; allow a release of energetic blockages and create a more harmonious lifestyle. Intuitively channeled energies to help heal at the soul level allowing a shift of consciousness to occur.

Consciousness Coaching

Packages designed on an individual basis designed for anyone seeking guidance and support through their soul growth process. Through my intuitive perspective, channeling experiences, I can bring your personal soul wisdom and knowledge of spiritual expansion into action in your daily life. 

Yoga + Meditation + mindfulness

Bringing yoga into your life is a game changer! It is my belief that combining yoga, the breath, and meditation allows a true experience of mindful. This combination is a practice that calms the mind, and expands our consciousness. This allows for tremendous life shifts. It changes our perspective and welcomes creativity and clarity, all while benefiting the physical body: increasing strength and flexibility, providing an opportunity to release negative energies held in the body.

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