About Nicole



As I lay awake in the wee hours of the morning, after feeding my beautiful new baby, I am the most clear. It is said that during the night your soul travels to meet other extensions of self and that we can receive answers in the form of dreams. 

If you’ve found yourself here, reading about me, then I am positive you are wondering how in the world someone becomes an Intuitive Healer, or even what that is. No, I am not a hippie or a witch (although I’m sure I’d enjoy being either, LOL). 

I have always had a deep, very trusting connection to the Divine. You may call this God or Universe or Source - whatever floats your boat.  From a very young age I can always recall feeling protected. Not “protected” like I was a part of a movie-like family with no problems; not “protected” like I lived in a fancy house with a crazy alarm system; a different type of protection - I felt like everything would always be alright. I have always had a deep trust and faith that there is something much bigger than us and that we have the beautiful gift of connecting, as long as we choose to believe. 

As life dictates, we are brought to many bumps on the path, forks in the road, tipping points, you get the idea.  The reality is our life’s journey always leads us to moments of transition; we have a choice to make and these choices set up our individual experiences. 

During many of these major moments in my life I chose to ask.  I asked for guidance and listened. These are the times things worked out wonderfully for me. Don’t get me wrong, I am human, so there were times when anxiety played a role. There were times when my ego played a role. During those instances things were different: they were difficult; they were sticky. As my connection to the Divine grew, the more I became comfortable with letting go of control, and the more things unfolded as they were meant to, for me; for my soul’s journey. 

At each of my life’s transitional times I was forced to look deep within. I had to look, really look, at the not so pretty, the sometimes downright ugly parts of myself. I was given opportunities to search for the reasons why and to do some work. Each time I chose to learn a lesson at that stage of my life. When I began doing this is when I began to realize I had a very unique light within me.  At each of these times I gained more awareness, more of a heart connection, a more deep learning and understanding and most certainly, soul evolution. Did I just find my light?

Over the years, I have stumbled upon so many spiritual books, self-help books, meditation books, astrology books and many others of the like. Most times were serendipitous, others sought out, but either way, they came to me on my journey at exactly the right time.  I have had the pleasure of working with many gifted people: psychics, shamans, auric readers, reiki masters, energy healers, you name it. With each relationship I developed, the stronger my connection to the Divine became and the more clear my mission became. I learned to love my light! 

I began to listen to my heart. I saw that when I did this everything unfolded with ease. My journey has led me to open doors I could have never imagined were there for me. I let go of my plan, my expectations of what my life should look like - and here I am: Loving and living my light!

 Since that time, I have truly lived in my heart’s center am now living in my light. I love what I do. I am tremendously grateful each day for the blessing and opportunity to spiritually serve others. My goal is to work with people to help them to find their light within; to give them the tools to love their light and live it each day to the fullest! 

If you are clear enough you can feel and LOVE your light — that is when you truly LIVE.
— Nicole Linn